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No More...
Complicated, redundant paperwork.
Unanswered inquiries to corporate call centers.
Patients forced to suffer through long wait times
in crowded drawing stations. Late reports.

Our Independent Advantage

As a service oriented, independent and fully certified provider, Accurate Diagnostic Labs can streamline the process and put the focus where it belongs– on you, the client.

Our Customized Approach

It can be something as simple as adding a bit of color to a printed report, but when a service provider is willing to go that extra step in meeting the needs of their clients, it makes a tremendous difference.

We’re Integrated To Your Office

Our Patient Care Technicians are more than just phlebotomists–- they’re members of your office family, trained to care for patients of all ages and fully integrated into your practice for all your lab related requirements. We’re also connected bidirectionally to the nation’s leading EMR softwares.

A Way To Optimize Your Efficiency

Our policy of speedy and efficient turnaround for our clients means fast access to the information you need via alll forms of electronic transmittal and increased efficiency in the day to day operations of your own practice. Our 24/7 customer service team is also fully trained to recognize your specific needs. Hence no more hold time.

Service With A Human Touch

The human touch is important in the relationship between the physician and the patient–and it’s an equally vital part of the long-standing relationships we build with our clients.